The Notenstein La Roche Academy is the academic platform of Notenstein La Roche Private Bank intended to encourage discussion and thinking around key social and economic themes.

The Notenstein La Roche Academy sees itself as a place of insight and inspiration and is dedicated to independent academic dialogue on a range of topical subjects. The Academy’s activities are designed to reinforce forward-looking wealth management practices and scenario-based thinking. Working in close cooperation with leading figures from academia, industry and civil society, we want to think outside the box; building on Notenstein La Roche’s existing range of publications, we are keen to explore new avenues and solutions to difficult problems. We want our lectures and discussion forums to serve as waypoints for clients and friends of our bank at a time when it is often far from clear which path one should take.


The Academy opened its doors in March 2013 and the topic addressed at the inauguration and ensuing programme cycle was "Sapere aude" ("Dare to know"). This well-known quotation associated with Immanuel Kant epitomises the spirit we hope will always permeate our thinking at Notenstein La Roche Academy.


Notenstein La Roche Private Bank is one of Switzerland's leading wealth management banks for private and institutional investors. The activities of the Notenstein La Roche Academy are designed to fulfil our responsibilities towards our stakeholders in the economy and society, and not least as an employer. Our events are open to clients, staff and interested guests of Notenstein La Roche Private Bank. Each event features musical accompaniment as part of our bank's sponsoring programme for promising young musicians.


Notenstein La Roche Academy events generally take place in the Forum St. Katharinen, a seminar and training centre within the walls of the former St. Katharinen cloister near our main office in the heart of St. Gallen.